Herr Bischoff's Blocklists

Feel free to use the following lists without restriction and without guarantees or warranties of any kind. I will do my best to keep it updated but that's about it. They are refreshed at the given intervals, so fetching more often than that just wastes resources. Excessive queries will eventually get you blocked but usually not added to the lists themselves. Just be kind and considerate and everything else will follow.

All lists contain IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses in CIDR notation, dropping the /32 and /128 suffixes for single addresses.


It contains IPs that were caught making requests they were not supposed to make. This includes, among other signals:

https://ipbl.herrbischoff.com/list.txt (Updated hourly)


All Spamhaus DROP lists consolidated as IPs. It's useful for scripts or firewalls that don't have an ASN to IP range converter built-in and you just don't want to bother with writing your own. It contains both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, so you will either have to use it as-is or filter it yourself.

See https://www.spamhaus.org/faq/section/Spamhaus%C2%A0DROP#218 for original source information about updates. Excessive queries will eventually get you blocked. Just be kind and considerate and everything else will follow.

https://ipbl.herrbischoff.com/drop.txt (Updated daily)


The ASNs these IPs belong to are beyond saving. They have significant issues with abusive traffic and content. The operators are either unable to manage it or simply don't care. Likely, there's some incentive involved for them to not care or they are flat-out spam operators themselves. Some may even be bullet-proof hosters for despicable material and actions. Anyway, they need to be blocked by default and I do so for the infrastructure I'm responsible for.

AS29119   ServiHosting
AS36352   ColoCrossing
AS48666   ASN allocation status is Reserved (Potentially a Bogon)
AS58110   IP Volume LTD
AS62904   Eonix Corporation
AS64496   ASN allocation status is Reserved (Potentially a Bogon)
AS202425  IP Volume inc
AS207959  XSServer GmbH
AS209298  Online Marketing Sources Kft.
AS212370  PEENQ.NL
AS213371  ABC Consultancy (Squitter Networks)
AS397702  1776 Solutions

This is an opinionated list. Then again, I have zero tolerance for spam, CSAM, racism, supremacy delusions of any kind, sexism, nazism, and a lot more "isms".

https://ipbl.herrbischoff.com/badasn.txt (Updated daily)


This is a list of known Tor exit nodes. It is compiled from several sources, cleaned up and consolidated.

https://ipbl.herrbischoff.com/tor.txt (Updated every 6 hours)


There is no de-listing process for any of the lists. If your IP is on it, adjust your server's behaviour and eventually it will disappear.

The lists are only available via HTTPS. The server supports TLSv1.2+, so make sure your infrastructure is up-to-date. If you observe any issues with it, please let me know:

printf "%s@%s.%s\n" marcel herrbischoff com

Operating since 2021.